Air Fryer Recipes

Cook anything from vegetables to biscuits in just minutes!  Learn tips with frozen food too.

Frozen broccoli gets tender and crisp on the edges!  No thawing required!

Sweet potato fries cook perfectly in the air fryer!  Always crispy. 

Frozen Grands biscuits turn golden brown!  And no waiting for the oven to preheat!

You can even heat waffles in the air fryer!

Roasted garlic is great to add to pasta, salad dressing and soup!

Sweet potatoes are soft and fluffy.

The crispy chicken wings are my families favorite!  These were frozen too!

Roasting your pumpkin seeds is fun for Halloween!

Need a quick breakfast!  Bake cinnamon rolls in just 15 minutes!

Air fryer asparagus is a great side dish for the holidays!  Frees up oven space!

Make chicken nuggets quick when the kids need a snack fast!

Roast tomatoes for a quick healthy side dish!

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