Oat Milk Smoothies 

Make a delicious and healthy smoothie using a dairy free milk.  

Cherry Oat Milk Smoothie has  – vanilla oat milk – frozen cherries – dairy free yogurt – vanilla extract – flax seeds – honey – ice

Add ingredients to a blender and pulse till smooth.  

This smoothie is creamy and slightly sweet.   

Spinach Oat Milk Smoothie – oat milk – spinach –fresh ginger – strawberries – avocado – walnuts – 1 cup ice

Perfect for anyone needing an extra does of veggies

Green smoothies are light and refreshing and a great way to detox after the holidays.

Chocolate Banana Oat Milk Smoothie – chocolate oat milk –frozen banana – chocolate protein powder – cocoa powder – flax seeds – mini chocolate chips  –ice

Chocolate and bananas are always a great combo.  Frozen bananas make smoothies creamier.  

Let's start the New Year healthy!

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