Easy Peach Galette with  Puff Pastry   

A delicious summer dessert that uses premade frozen puff pastry. 


Ingredients: -peaches –cornstarch –cinnamon -puff pastry –sugar -cinnamon –egg white


 Mix together the peach slices, cornstarch and cinnamon. 


It is easy to use the frozen puff pastry to make a galette.  Stretch it on a baking sheet.


Arrange the peaches in a pretty pattern on the dough.   


Sprinkle with sugar and brush the edges with egg wash.   This will give it a beautiful color as it bakes. 


Bake in preheated oven for 25 minutes.  Galette will be golden brown. 


Cut into slices. Serve with vanilla ice cream.  


This is a delicious summer time dessert. 

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