Pumpkin Pie without Evaporated Milk

Make a creamy and delicious pumpkin pie without evaporated milk. 

Ingredients:  -eggs -pure pumpkin -sugar -spices -whole milk  -pie crust.   

Make homemade evaporated milk by simmering whole milk on the stove top.  Then strain the solids.

Pre bake the pie crust with beans or pie weights.  This will keep the crust from getting soggy.

You can use a crust  homemade pie or a store bought from the refrigerator section.

Mix together the sugar and pumpkin pie spices.

In a separate bowl mix eggs, milk, and pumpkin puree.  I used canned pumpkin.

Add the sugar and mix everything together with a whisk.  

The pumpkin pie will take about 45 minutes to bake.  You will start it in a 425 degree oven and then reduce the temperature.

The pie must cool for 4 hours. before serving.  This can be made the day before and kept in the refrigerator.

Cut into slices and decorate with homemade whipped cream.

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