Strawberry Banana Pudding  

This easy no bake dessert is the perfect summertime treat! 


Ingredients: – milk – vanilla pudding – condensed milk – heavy cream – vanilla extract -powdered sugar – strawberries –bananas -vanilla wafers


Use a wire whisk to mix together the pudding, milk and sweetened condensed milk. 


Make your own whipped cream instead of cool whip for a rich delicious flavor!


Reserve 2 cups of whipped cream and add the rest to the pudding


The most time consuming part is layering the pudding and the fruit.  


Keep layering with cookies and pudding. 


Also layer sliced strawberries and bananas with the pudding. 


It is fun to see the beautiful design come together when your layers are finished!  


Perfect for graduation, Mother's Day and even a summer barbeque!

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