Creamy Baked  Mac and Cheese   

Brie is a creamy cheese that makes a delicious sauce for this side dish.  


Ingredients: –  pasta -olive oil -butter -garlic -flour -salt -pepper -half and half -brie -gruyere -panko -Greek yogurt -paprika


Cook the pasta according to the package directions. 


Melt the butter and sauté the garlic.  Then add the flour to make the roux.  


Slowly add the half and half while stirring to make the creamy sauce. 


Add the cheese, seasonings and Greek yogurt to the sauce. 


Mix together the panko, melted butter, paprika and parmesan cheese.


Spoon the mac and cheese to a casserole dish. 


Sprinkle the top with the panko mixture and bake for 20 minutes.   


This mac and cheese is so creamy and delicious! 


This brie mac and cheese is perfect for your holiday menu!


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